Ten Acres is a farm, a business, a diverse little family property, with big dreams of feeding people good wholesome slow food. We are an artisan bakery, the good old fashioned sourdough type, where premium sourdough bread is lovingly handcrafted with organic, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients.

We are proud farmers of organically grown garlic, citrus and seasonal cut flowers. Our fresh imperial mandarins and navel oranges are available during the winter months, while our garlic is available annually from October. And just so our sourdough doesn’t get lonely, we lovingly handcraft a variety of marmalades.

Our kitchen is located at the heart of our farm in Ninderry, an idyllic rural suburb nestled in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Lush green grass, citrus blossom, fertile red soil, and fresh country air make it the sweetest location for baking and growing all Ten Acres has to offer. We seriously couldn’t think of a better to place to work.


  • provide our family with a simple and healthy life that is connected to and caring of our environment
  • make food from scratch, the old fashioned way
  • invest in organic, sustainable and local ingredients that support environmental sustainability and good health
  • live chemical free
  • manage our farm and all we produce by investing in the health of our soil
  • live sustainably by harvesting our own rainwater, treating our wastewater onsite, composting and recycling all garden and farm waste which will in turn be put back into our soil